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Refugees at Home looking for hosts in Glasgow

The GCP Advice & Advocacy team recently worked alongside Refugees at Home to find a room for a community member in Glasgow, who is not eligible for Home Office accommodation or financial support.

In Glasgow the need is far greater than the accommodation provision that is available, which is why Refugees at Home is actively recruiting new hosts in the city, who can provide a room for refugees and asylum seekers.

Our community member (who wishes to remain anonymous) was matched with a host in the city. He said: “I’ve never experienced so much kindness and warmth. If it wasn’t for Govan Community Project and Refugees at Home, I’d be living in the streets.”

Refugees at Home recruit and support volunteer hosts who are willing to offer a temporary home and a helping hand.  Their role is to carefully match each guest and host, to assess and prepare them ready for hosting, to advise on hosting arrangements and accommodation, and to provide ongoing support to hosts throughout each stay. 

GCP Asylum Support Caseworker, Tilly, said: “The hosting scheme provided a safe place for this person to stay, as well as breathing space and stability to focus on working with his lawyer and on his asylum claim. Refugees at Home also provided some financial support to the person, which allowed him to support himself independently and with dignity.”

Refugees at Home look for new hosts with a spare room or two, in cities and towns that are well connected and have good public transport systems. This enables guests to travel to college, school, support groups or jobs, and retain their independence.

Each placement is different, and the length of hosting can vary from a few nights to several months and anything in between. Hosting is entirely altruistic, and hosts are not paid for giving up their spare rooms.  

Tilly added: “Making a referral to Refugees at Home was really easy – we were supported throughout the process and they worked to ensure the hosting match was appropriate. They were also very communicative and helpful during the hosting placement. I would urge anyone who can to consider hosting – it’s a real life line for people with no other options for a safe place to stay.”

You can find out more about hosting here.

Rooms for Refugees also has a similar scheme. You can find out more about their work here.





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