Food Support

We provide support for people in the asylum process, who are destitute and/or have no recourse to public funds (NRPF), to access community food services.

In order to access our Food Support, please contact our helpline on 0800 310 0054.  Our helpline is open Mon-Thurs- 10am- 1pm. 

Looking for emergency support outside our opening times? Find local food services in your area from the Glasgow Community Food Network.

Pantry Voucher Scheme

Govan Community Project has been providing pay-it-forward ‘vouchers’ for anyone seeking asylum so that they can access their local community pantry or food hub for free since 2021.
A pantry is a community shop that runs on a membership model, and relies on food surplus (in the same way as many foodbanks). Pantries usually stock everything from fresh fruit and vegetables, dry and tinned food, chilled and frozen food, toiletries, nappies and cleaning supplies. However, because they run primarily on food surplus, availability of these things will change every week.
Since June 2024, due to funding restrictions, we have had to make the difficult decision to impose a more limited eligibility criteria for the vouchers. GCP vouchers are currently available for people who are:
  • receiving cashless asylum support (either Section 4/ Schedule 10 or S98),
  • who are destitute
  • who have NRPF

Please note we are unable to continue to provide Pantry vouchers for people receiving Section 95 support for the majority of pantries. A couple of our pantry partners are able to offer reduced rates for those who receive Section 95 support with a referral from us, so please still contact the helpline for enquiries.

Even if you aren’t eligible for a GCP voucher you will be able to access the pantries, but you would be required to pay the membership and weekly fees yourself. Please contact us if you would like information about your local pantry.

Vouchers available for:

  • Castlemilk Pantry
  • The Courtyard Pantry
  • Destiny Hope Hub (previously known as: Community Grocery Glasgow)
  • Govan Pantry
  • Govanhill People’s Pantry
  • North West Community Pantry
  • Pollok Pantry
  • Royston Community Pantry
  • Ruchazie Pantry

How to get a voucher:

  • Contact the GCP helpline for free, within the opening hours to discuss eligibility
  • If we are able to make a referral, the GCP casework team will need to register you on our system
  • If we are able to make a referral you will receive a ‘voucher’ by SMS
  • A voucher from GCP allows you to shop at your local Pantry for free for one month, starting the day you receive the SMS message
  • You can request a further voucher by calling the GCP helpline after this time. There is no limit on the number of vouchers you can get, but you won’t be eligible for another voucher if you start to receive Section 95 or are granted Leave to Remain.

Emergency Destitution vouchers

We also provide emergency food vouchers for people who become destitute when their Home Office support stops, or are otherwise experiencing an emergency or crisis and have no income.

Eligibility for this support is assessed by our Advice & Advocacy casework team. To get in touch, please call the GCP helpline (0800 310 0054) or if you are contacting on behalf of a client, you can send referral details to

This support is funded by ad-hoc donations. To support this project, donate here.

Our vision

At Govan Community Project we want to see an end to people in the asylum process having to rely on food surplus or the support of charities to feed themselves and their families. We want to see systemic solutions to the food poverty they experience, through a food system based on people’s needs not profit, to ensure everyone can afford to eat healthy, sustainable and culturally appropriate food. We believe in creating a world without food waste or poverty, and we are a signatory of the Food Abundance and Equality Declaration.

Need advice?

Call our helpline

0800 310 0054

Our helpline is open:

Monday: 10-1pm
Tuesday: 10-1pm
Wednesday: 10-1pm
Thursday: 10-1pm
Friday-Sunday: Closed


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