Community Development

Our community members are at the forefront of our community development work, which focuses on identifying the needs of our community and developing activities and services to meet those needs.

Physical and mental wellbeing is at the heart of our community development work. Our members told us that opportunities to take part in exercise or sport impacts not only their physical health, but it also reduces social isolation and helps people get to know their local area.

Partnership working

We place a lot of emphasis on partnership working.

Partnership working allows us to join with other groups in Govan and across Glasgow to work towards common goals, which creates bonds between the diverse members of our community in a meaningful way.

It also helps us to share resources and knowledge effectively to achieve the best outcomes and improves the area as a whole.

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch at

Need advice?

Call our helpline

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Our helpline is open:

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