The Food for All Group

Govan Community Project facilitates a co-production group, made up of volunteer peer researchers with lived experience of the asylum process. The group uses Participatory Action Research and co-production methodologies and focuses on the particular challenge food insecurity presents for people seeking asylum, with the aim of influencing policy and best practice in this area.

Dignity in Practice: Involving and learning from the asylum community

The Food for All Group is currently engaged in a project in partnership with Nourish Scotland to develop resources and activities and deliver a new Dignity in Practice workshop series. These workshops focus on the specific challenges people in the asylum process are facing and the small, but meaningful, changes that could help enhance the dignity of people coming to their services. You can read about the project and how it came about in this blog post

At Govan Community Project we want to see an end to people in the asylum process having to rely on food surplus or charities to feed themselves and their families. Although communities cannot be held responsible for food insecurity in Scotland, or bear the disproportionate burden of it, we understand that the community food sector is well placed to respond to the ongoing crises and promote and restore dignity at a local level.

Immigration policy and food insecurity

In 2021, the Food for All Group contributed to IFAN’s Structural Inequalities and Food Insecurity Webinar Series: Immigration Policy and Food Insecurity. Read about the briefing note published following the webinar here.

This session was co-hosted by the Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN), Sustain’s Right to Food Programme, Feeding Britain, and the University of York. Speakers considered immigration policies and the impact on the ability of migrants to afford food. The session was chaired by Chris Stephens MP and Deirdre Woods, Co-Chair of IFAN’s Board of Trustees. Panelists included Dr Jasber Singh (Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience), Annette James (Micah Liverpool), Ilona Pinter (London School of Economics) and experts by experience representing the Govan Community Project Food for All Group and Brighter Futures.


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