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Statement on Appeal Court ruling that Rwanda plan is unlawful

The Court of Appeal has today (Thursday 29 June) ruled the UK Government plan to send people seeking asylum to Rwanda is unlawful.

Traci Kirkland, Head of Charity at Govan Community Project, responded to the news:

“We were really delighted to hear the Appeal Court ruled that the UK Government’s cruel plan to send people seeking safety to Rwanda was unlawful.  We extend our congratulations to all of those directly involved in the fight for this case who have fought long and hard to stand up against this inhumane proposal.
This ruling confirms what refugees and campaigners have said all along – that Rwanda is not a safe third country for people seeking asylum.  As the judges said, there is a real risk people trying to escape persecution and brutality would not get a fair hearing in Rwanda and instead be returned to the country they originally fled from.
This ruling is a victory for human decency, but it comes after a year of fear and uncertainty for many people who simply asked for our help. What for this government may be a dream headline, is for those seeking safety, a threat of being torn away from family and friends. It has caused sleepless nights, mental health breakdowns and a climate of fear.
We urge this government to accept the court’s ruling, scrap the Refugee Ban Bill, and work with refugees and charities to create an asylum system that is compassionate, effective and fair and we urge everyone in communities across the UK to lobby their government representatives to scrap the Refugee Ban Bill and develop policy and legislation which reflects the responsible, welcoming nation that we know we are!”


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