Govan Community Project will be scaling back the pantry voucher scheme in 2024, due to difficulty in securing sustainable funding.

Going forward, the voucher project will only be available for those:

  • on cashless asylum support
  • who are destitute
  • who have NRPF

The only exception to this is the Courtyard Pantry who will be able to continue covering the cost themselves. Referrals will continue as normal to this pantry.

From June 2024, GCP will be unable to pay the membership for those who are receiving Section 95 asylum support.   In those cases, people will need to pay the membership fee themselves.

GCP are still able to offer advice and referrals on how to access the pantries and other food banks, so please continue to get in touch with our Advice & Advocacy team if you need support.

Traci Kirkland, Head of Charity at GCP, said: “We are really devastated to be making this announcement. We have been able to offer this support since 2021 and over the course of the pantry project have been able to refer around 918 individuals or families to the project, providing support for at least 1,400 people.

We believe that the need has not gone away for this support- the cost of living is increasing- therefore despite increases in asylum support rates, it is not sufficient for people to be able to meet their basic needs. Unfortunately, this is an area of support it is challenging to attract funding for.

We would like to thank our pantry partners that we work with and the support that they have provided to our community members. We appreciate them recognising the importance of making the pantry model accessible and welcoming to those seeking sanctuary in the UK.”

If you would like to support the pantry project in it’s scaled back format, you can donate here.


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