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Celebrating International Women’s Day

Our Women’s Group has been getting creative to celebrate International Women’s Day. The group spent the last couple of weeks exploring the theme of motherhood. They painted blocks and stamped them on to fabric, creating a ‘print-like’ effect. Everyone had the chance to create their own stencils which were added to the design. The finished product is a beautiful table cloth, which we hope to use at future events.

Supporting women and providing a safe space for them to meet is an important part of our weekly schedule at GCP. For a few hours every Friday we facilitate the space for women to share experiences, try new activities and explore their creativity. Some members have been attending the group for years, others are relatively new, but most give similar reasons for coming to the weekly sessions.

“It brings me joy,” said Queen, who joined the group in 2022. “We keep busy, so you don’t think about the bad things. It’s good to meet other women, when it gets to Friday I am so happy,” she added.

Rwaa joined the group to meet other people. She said: “I used to feel shy, this group has helped me. Every week is different, we try new things, it’s never boring. I used to feel there were things I couldn’t do, but I come here and try new things and I enjoy it.” The change of routine is what Samira enjoys. “It’s a surprise each week what we do, I like that. I came to meet my friends. There are many nationalities here.”

From painting, to journal writing, playing instruments and cooking, the classes are varied each week. Overseeing the themes and topics of the sessions is Women’s Group Coordinator, Aileas Pringle. “I have a conversation with group members to come up with interesting and informative topics- generally there’s a teaching or exploratory element to it,” said Aileas. “I want it to be an enjoyable and comfortable environment. It’s important to have spaces like this, it’s a support network, people share information with each other and come away with shared experiences.”

​The Women’s Group meets in Govan on Fridays. For more information contact aileas@govancommunityproject.org.uk


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